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The more you express your ideas to start, the faster and more accurately we will be able to make them come to life. So feel free to include photos,  ideas, thoughts, and a bit about you and who you are at heart! Otherwise we have to use our in-house psychic sloth to mind read and he has a pretty hefty starting rate. What can we say; a good psychic sloth is hard to come by these days.

Tip: For all queries: as many examples, ideas, photos, of what you have in mind always help. See below lists for fancy guidelines.


  • size
  • where you would like the tattoo
  • what you have in mind
  • colours

Wedding Invites & Save the Dates

  • deadlines
  • dates
  • colour scheme
  • theme
  • double/single sided
  • number of pages
  • your ideas!
    (don’t hold back if you have something in particular in mind!)


  • company name
  • a little about you and your company
  • logo or banner or both
    (banner would be company name, often used for website or work vehicle, etc)
  • colours
  • any ideas you may have in mind


  • how many people or pets
  • photos
  • deadlines
    (i.e. birthday, anniversary, mothers day etc)
  • what medium
    (watercolour, digital, pen & ink etc)
  • what size
  • deadlines