Memory Spaces

Memory Spaces is an interactive exhibition at Brewery Tap Folkestone, 14th – 17th April. Come join us to explore different aspects of memory through ritual, recollection, categorising, performance, nostalgia, and various other facets of memory.


saturday 10am

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Writing Workshop with

Katie Szyszko, creator of Creative Writing Folkestone

sat 16th april




Join us for a 2-hour Creative Writing workshop and explore the spaces in which your memories live.


This free, two-hour workshop will take you on an explorative, meaningful and joyful journey through the unearthed landscapes of your memories. I will present you with three powerful exercises which will help you find the voice to describe experiences you want to relive. I will offer you tools to explore the stories that live inside you and find a unique and authentic voice to express them.

This workshop is designed to fit writers of all ages and experiences. Bring a pen and notebook with you.

saturday 7pm

Freerange Orchestra

doors open at 6:30

performance begins at 7pm

limited capacity 






Password: memory


Freerange Orchestra will be performing an improvisational piece on the nature of memory, meaning, and interpretation. Come join us and be part of the experience.


Find out more about Freerange here

meet the artists...

rosie durant

Rosie Durant is a conceptual artist with an interest in creating work through audience participation. She has explored a variety of ideas in this way including her recent installation of Sweet Nothings, for which audience members were invited to mark the chosen pronoun of a love interest  for her to knit a line in the corresponding piece beneath each pronoun. An earlier piece, As Defined By Objects, invited audience members to collect items that they felt defined them from around their home and share them in a square top-down photograph. This was a part of an online exhibition, The Human Connection.


Rosie’s current work is inspired by Yinka Shonibare, Susan Hiller, Hal Foster’s 2004 essay “The Archival Impulse”, and museum displays such as Sir John Soane Museum and The Huntarian Musem. She is currently co-curating an exhibit Mr. Blah-di-blah’s Blah-di-blah.

mel latimer

Mel Latimer is an American fine artist and musician based in Canterbury, Kent. Her art practice explores various facets of memory and its functions in the “poetic anatomy of the human experience”, or rather, the soul of our day to day experiences. She began doing this through her own memories, but later expanded to using audience participation for a broader more relatable experience. Largely influenced by the writings of French philosopher, Henri Bergson, her current work focuses on the way we fill spaces with memory. 


She has previously been involved in curating an online exhibition Human Connection in 2021 during the pandemic, and recently showed in Starting Points. She is currently in her 2nd year of Fine Art at The University for the Creative Arts.

katie szyszko

Katie Szyszko is a writer and an editor. She writes in both Polish and English and has just finished her first novel, Traces. Since 2017, she’s been teaching creative writing and working as an editor. Her short stories and flash fiction was published in literary magazines, Kartki, the Vulture, Drobiazgi and anthologies Kent New Writing Vol. 1 and 2. 

She’s currently finishing her PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Kent under the supervision of Scarlett Thomas. 

Creative Writing Folkestone Website

special guest - joey cato

Joey is a California based developer who enjoys experimenting through nostalgia and interactive design. Some of his previous work consists of Paris in 1981, which consists of  a scanned (1981) city directory from his home town of Paris, Texas to create a interactive map from all of the local businesses listed back then; Circle of Life, which is an interactive timeline of Academy Award Winners; and Nostalgiflix, which is a chrome extension that transforms your Netflix web browser into an interactive TV time machine covering three decades (80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.). You can find more of Joey’s work at the links below.