Human Connection

14th-28th March

Lily Garrat

Mel Latimer

Rosie Durant

Poppy O'Brien

Zhen Fhen Ang

We need your stories about (but not limited to):
Identity, Nature, Places, Grief, or Memory

What kind of story?

Stories that relate to being human and connection with others. A childhood memory, nature, lockdown, your favourite places and who you went with, how you see yourself, someone you love, someone you've lost, someone who has lost their memory to dementia, a family story - you get the idea.

What for?
We want to share your stories during a live zoom event for the opening of our university exhibition on human connection. People will be creating art of their own on the zoom call while listening to your stories.

You can write to us and ask to share your story on our Live Zoom Call, pre-record the audio, or you can simply put it in writing for us to share for you!

Send us your stories here