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acoustic originals and coversperformed by mel latimer

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Based in
Canterbury, Kent, United KingdomProvides art commissioning service worldwideMusic bookings limited to Kent and select London areas

Mel Latimer Art

“Ideas are driven by a single impulse: to be made manifest.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

And here your ideas can be made manifest! Through a wide range of services from portrait services and logo design, to invitations and tattoos, your ideas can be brought to life. 

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Portrait Services


tills portrait
mouse 1
cat portrait
12_04_2018 9_42 pm Office Lens-01 (1)
2018-05-11 19.12.46-7
Photo May 20, 9 52 06 PM

Watercolour Portraits

Watercolour Gallery


Monochrome & Polychrome Pastel/Pencil Portraits

Pastel/Pencil Gallery



2018-05-16 22.46.10-1
jessica jones 2
portrait 1
mouse 2
Fred Latimer Portrait

Other Works

Past & Present Works for Sale

This gallery includes all of my other work, including pieces currently for sale and pieces that have already sold. 



20190114_152911 (1)
peacock 3
peacock 3
mouse 1
Ben Sculpture and photo
fennec fox

Other Services

Feather Tattoo
butterfly tattoo
Rose tattoo design

Tattoo Design

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Invitations & Save the Dates

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Passport Cover Demo
Passport Inside Front Cover Demo
Passport Pg1&2
Photo Sep 09, 12 30 31 PM
Passport Back Inside Cover Demo
Photo Aug 31, 10 26 33 PM
Retro Dance Wedding Invite Border 7
The Pines Wedding Invite
Photo Oct 11, 6 14 37 AM

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Meet the Artist

Mel has been creating in some way or another her entire life. Raised by her grandparents and mother who were all artists themselves in Upstate New York, she led a life exposed to art in all forms. She began simply with drawing, and soon graduated to painting and pastels. 

In her twenties she moved to the UK. She now is based in Canterbury and has discovered her love for portrait art. With growing popularity she began working on commissions for clients all over the world. She paints and draws everything from pets and wildlife, to people – you name it. She is constantly curious and always trying new things, all while perfecting her existing techniques. 

She has a love for music too, and often performs as a solo musician locally. If you’re ever in Canterbury you might be able to catch her strumming and singing in the town centre or at a local pub. 

So don’t be shy – say hello! And never be afraid to ask questions if you have something in mind you’d like created. She is always open and honest about what she can do!