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Zhen Feng Ang

A memorable place that hides deep in the human brain.

Human Research Report

Individuals sometimes recall the memories of school that they never visit after graduating, laughing at the memories of them secretly doodling on the wall with their friends. Some miss their grandparents old house that they use to hangout at with family. They might cry when they remember these things.
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The connection between humans and places is stronger than they thought...

lockdown situation
Some places they often go could be missed.
Example: the café where they sat all-day chitchatting with friends, the cinema where they threw popcorn at each other. Some humans just don't want to watch a movie at home by themselves.

Humans only miss what they've lost.....
Weird creatures

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Door to anywhere

Here's a door for human to visit any place they want. Even if it is somewhere in the past or somewhere no longer existing on Earth.

Heart Café

Whoops your coffee is cold, a new one perhaps ?

untill your coffee turn cold

A place full of stories and memories could be anywhere. It could be a grandparent’s old house, school, somewhere you traveled or even an ordinary café where people sit down all-day and chat – it’s a place where you share your story. 


Here’s your coffee. You can start telling your story before it gets cold.


  • Caramel Latte 
  • Americano
  • Espresso
  • Flat White
  • Double Espresso
  •  Drip Coffee

Where to find the Heart Cafe


Do the books have more stories or the heart ?



Store your stories in the fridge, it's the best place to keep your memory from going off over time.



Did you flush away everything down the bowl? Or you hide it all in your heart.


Our live zoom stories on


The introduction began with a story by myself. 

It was followed by a story by Cindy about missing her hometown, a story by SBK about a specific place that he feels connected to, and a discussions about what brings us back to places we’ve been and how they’ve changed.

Stories of


A collection of stories linking human connection and places. 

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