and Human Connection

Poppy O'Brien

Natural landscapes and forms are the foundation for  my work. In particular, it has been the places near my home that I have been visiting during lockdown that have provided the most inspiration.  I have watched these landscapes change through the seasons, experiencing every element of the natural world in all its splendor.

Inspired by my own observations, this body of work is not just an exploration of nature.
 I have sought to capture fleeting moments and  intricate details and reflect their ephemerality through 
composition and documentation. 
A memory of the river
acrylic on canvas 40X40 cm
photographed at by the Thames Estuary
Rainham Marshes Nature Reserve, Essex


For this exhibition I have been exploring the connection between my art work and the places that inspired them.  

Experimentation is a crucial part of my practice and so I explored creating  clay sculptures  alongside 
my paintings. These clay sculptures were  inspired by the organic forms found in coastal areas.
Documenting them by the sea shore was logical. However I also grabbed the chance to photograph
them in the snow. Seeing the sculptures emerging from the snow truly brought them to life.


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The  interaction between the art and the diverse landscapes was fascinating.  Varied light, colours and backgrounds emphasised different elements and brought deeper meanings. 

For example, on its own, this painting (left) shows a summer sunflower. However juxtaposing it with a  backdrop of snow transformed it into a poignant reminder of the constant changing of seasons. The contrast between the azure canvas and the white snow is striking.

shell painting photographed in the branches of a tree
acrylic on canvas 30x30 cm

Our live zoom stories on


The introduction to our event, done by Rosie Durant.

A beautiful story that encompassed all of our topics on human connection written and shared by Cas Heath-Faye. This was followed by the section of our live Zoom event covering nature, hosted by myself. 

Stories for nature included a poem by my sister, a story from Willow Harrild, and a story called Peculiar Creatures submitted by Ben Latimer.

Stories of


A collection of stories linking human connection and nature. These stories capture moments in time, seasons passing, places and memories. 

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