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Mel Latimer

Raised by my grandparents and mother, I found my life split not only between generations — but also between their memories and my own.


In my work I explore the layering of memories through my past; how the present influences our memories, how our memories mix, and how we combine fantasy and reality.

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Los Santos

A video exploration of memory through narrative – how the present can effect the way we recall people and memories.



This film is made to be watched first without and then with sound. 



Note the differences in experience between the first and second viewing and comment below.

St Geri, acrylic & mixed media, 10 x 20 cm
St Fred, acrylic & mixed media, 13 x 18 cm

Halloween Reimagined


A video exploration of the function of memory 



This film is made to be watched with sound.



Photo of my grandparents circa 1980s

Halloween Embroidered, mixed media, 25 x 25 cm

Photo of me circa 1995

Halloween Reimagined 1, mixed media box, 13 x 25 cm

Halloween Reimagined 2, mixed media, 10 x 18 cm 

Artifacts of Fantasy

A visual investigation of memories that layer fantasy and reality, and how easily the two can be blurred.

Pictured: photograph of my grandpa pushing me on a swing, my grandparents at the University of Chicago circa 1950s, New Mexico Sky 2006

Ghost of Christmas (Past and Past)


An exploration in layering the memories of multiple generations.



me at Christmas circa 1990s

my aunt and mom at Christmas circa 1960s

Ghost of Christmas (Past and Past), mixed media, 20 x 30cm

Layers of Water

A video exploration of how we are reminded of, and often layer multiple memories.

This film is made to be watched with sound.

Pictured: the ocean in Maine at sunset

the Cortland YWCA Pool circa early 1990s

me filling a kiddie pool circa early 1990s

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Here we will be posting video footage of our live event – please check back tomorrow afternoon to see our section on memory.

Memory began with an introduction exercise, a beautifully read eulogy (And Ode to Bea) written and read by Sandy Fischer-Scanlin, another few memory exercises, and a story called Tammy submitted by Ben Latimer. 

The event ended with Cas Heath-Faye reading us the beautiful mini-saga version of the story she opened with, and everyone parted ways feeling we knew one another.

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