Human Connection

Who are we?

We are a group of art students from the University of the Creative Arts in Canterbury. In such isolating and divided times we wanted to bring our work, and all of you, together.

What are we doing here?

We each chose a part of the human experience that we could best relate to the pieces we were working on at the time. In doing so, we ended up with the categories of grief, memory, places, nature, and identity — and by default we have touched on many other aspects of the human experience.



How do you play a part?

“Am I just a viewer?”

No. We want you to be a participant! We have allowed for this in a few ways:

1. Our live zoom event 

On the opening day of our exhibition we have invited you all to share your stories about human connection with us at our live zoom launch. 

We received so many stories that we hope to host a second event just to fit them all in, so watch this space!

Once the event has taken place, you’ll be able to find the live footage of each topic we discussed in its respective section of the exhibition.

At the last page of the exhibition you will find more information on how to send us a story – even after the event, we will continue to post stories to the website under the category they fit best.

2. Your art

During our Zoom event, we are inviting people to make art to be displayed alongside our work if you so choose.


If you would like to send us art relating to human connection to display in one of our five topics, please email us on

3. Commenting 

We have left a comment section at the end of each of our pages for you to share your stories, interpretations of the exhibition, and thoughts. We were unable to create the facility to do this anonymously as our commenting feature requires you to use your Facebook account, but if you would like to share something to be posted anonymously by one of us you can email us on


Let the connecting


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